"Poor Peoples Politricksters Debate": The Demicans Vs the Republicrats

Tiny - Posted on 08 November 2015



Low-income, Displaced, Youth and Families of Color Debate Donald Trump, Obama, Hilary Clinton, Ed Lee and Marco Rubio on San Francisco Propositions I, F & A

"Poor Peoples Politricksters Debate": The Demicans Vs the Republicrats


"They are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists and killers." Donald Trump said in one of his many hate-filled, racist comments about Mexican immigrants.

On Election night, November 3rd 2015, youth and families who are targets, victims and/or supposed beneficiaries of political legislations held their own herstoric debate on local San Francisco housing propositions I, F & A which will directly impact their lives.

"We are tired of being talked about by poltricksters, we the homeless, the poor and the children and families, we have a voice.." said Queenandi XSheba, POOR Magazine reporter and mama scholar

This historic debate was held at Francisco Herrerra's Mayoral celebration party at the Answer Coalition headquarters.

This event was co-sponsored by  POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE, a poor people-led, indigenous people-led grassroots, non-profit, arts organization dedicated to providing media access, art, education and direct advocacy to communities in poverty locally and globally and the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper.


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