Al Robles Living Library Project

Al Robles - Poet, Community Scholar, Revolutionary Teacher, Activist and Poverty Hero

The Al Robles Living Library Project honors the community literary spirit of Al Robles with writing projects, art and performance with the goal of inspiring future poets and community scholars like Uncle Al Robles 

Hands: A poem for Al Robles in Filipino American History Month


My father joked once
About a man who moved
His hands a lot when
He spoke

Dad would say that if

Al Robles: A Treasure Not Lost

I remember you reciting your poem
while jazzy hands slapped
against an upright bass.
Your words perfumed with the scent
of sampaguita memories
and resonated the sounds of jeepneys
passing by San Francisco cable cars.
Stories that still warm the soul
like fresh pan de sal in the morning

That iconic beard and those glasses
you brought to life with your stunning presence.
This world painted and created
by the strokes of your poety;
communities built with the beat of your heart.

Roblesque (To Al Robles with Love)






            ¡Silencio!  Al Robles is missing

It’s way too quiet around here these days & we miss him

This one of a kind poetic daredevil

Al Robles

This Carabao has gone home to the village

Come to me, my melancholy baby

Baguio Ifugao winds that blew away

YOUR POETRY breathing words


The White Sand Beaches of Market Street













White Sand Beaches of Market Street

By Tony Robles


A manong I’d met a

While back but whose

Name I couldn’t remember

Recently approached me on

Market Street


Say Al--Is that you?

Say Al--is that you?

Someone's sprinklin' water & rose petals
on the baby buddha's birthday
& another millennium has passed
Say Al--is that you?


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