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Resurrection- Redemption - Eviction?- Decolonial Black Jesus & UnSelling Mama Earth

 Resurrction- Redemption - Eviction-??

Resurrection- Rejection- Eviction-??


How can anyone honor the liberator known as Yeshua

resurrect his soul and then believe that thrival involves being bought and sold- 


From Berkeley to Baltimore - our unhoused bodies have nowhere to go- 

Unhoused in the Airport - The PoLicing of Public Spaces


(photo- The tile floor where folks sleep, if only for a few hours, in La Guardia Airport)

Poverty Scholarship-Poor People Create their own Theory, Textbook & Solutions to Poverty & Homelessness

What:POOR Press Book, Curriculum Release and Theatre Workshop Tour 

Bay Area Readings & workshops
Feb 3rd 1pm Theatre of the POOR Workshop at Homefulness- 8032 MacArthur Bl East Oakland

Homefulness Blog

This is the Homefulness blog, where you can find updates on the Homefulness Project!

Broken Dreams


The dream has ended for true love died – the night a blossom  fell and touched two lips that lied..Nat King Cole



Mama used to say I was a great orator and it must have come from my Black side- citing Dr King as an example.



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