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Blogs and Journalizm by Poverty Skolaz locally and globally linked below:

Airdnd Exclusive: Interview with Brian's Couch

I recently read an article about Airdnd (dnd=death ‘n displacement) CEO Brian “C” recently.  If you don’t know, Brian “C” is founder of Airdnd, part of a number of related businesses making up a cartel that uses the moniker “The sharing economy”.  Brian “C’s” brainchild, Airdnd, is a hosting platform where you can turn your room, house or building into a hotel on a supposed short term basis.  The problem is that people are renting out entire homes and buildings, contributing to an affordability and eviction cri

Book Review: “The political Legacy of Malcolm X” / Notes From the Inside

Editor's Note: Editors Note: Jose Villarreal is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents. 

We Have Nothing To Lose But Our Chains: The Inauguration of Ed Lie

“You can’t come in,” the oddly butler-esque dressed sheriff stopped me, my 12 year old sun Tiburcio and literally hundreds of members of the “public” at the door to King Lee’s (Not at all) “public” inauguration.

“We were told it was open to the public,” I countered, 

“It is,” a weird silence ensued and he looked above us. 

“So if its public, we are the public and we would like to go in,” I continued.

WeSearch Policy Group (WPG) Data Release 2016 UnHoused residents of San Francisco Data Collection 2015- 2016

WeSearch Policy Group (WPG) Data Release 2016
UnHoused residents of San Francisco Data Collection
2015- 2016

Tent City WeSearch Statement Demand summary (see below for detail):

Royal Killing

Recently the Government of Saudi Arabia executed outspoken Shiite Muslim clients Nimr al-Nimr, a harsh critic of the Saudi government and royal family.

NOT Calling the Kkkops - EVER

How a grassroots, poor and indigenous peoples-led movement  in stolen amerikkklan remains Po'Lice and devil-oper free
by Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia, daughter of Dee, mama of Tiburcio/POOR Magazine

Declaration of the United K.A.G.E. Brothers

Editors Note: Min. William Brown Jr. is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents. As currently and formerly incarcerated poor and indigenous peoples in struggle and resistance with all plantation systems in Amerikkka, POOR Magazine stands in solidarity with all folks on the other side of the razor wire plantation.


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