White Collar Time

Ex-CEO convicted of stealing fifty-five million dollars - gets 66 months

Black Hist-2

I've avoided writting on
Black His/Herstory for a reason.

Because Historica Memories of
how we were and still are mistreated.

Are We As A People Ever Really Part Of
This Land? Are we to replace all the past hate
with pure love and grace - is that our true lagacy?

Who’s The Real Beggar?

(originally printed in The SF Bay Guardian 1/16/02)

The Prop N Case


C-Phone Dates Pt. 1. Welcome to cellphone romance, part of hi tech dating.

What's the alternative
to C-Phone number collection?

Guys, women talk of being
powerless yet use C-phones as
emotional traps.

Women may be tired of this writing... Get use to it gal-pals. Hey Guys. We are every bit as complex a species as they are.

Enough gloating, lets find
other complexities of the human male.

Its good to know testosterone isn't
really a death sentence of hormonal rage...

Essentially men lag behind women but eventually catch up like the tortoise and the hare tale.
Remember who eventually won and why?

Cashless Care/City Hall. A glorious free for all, Democracy at its sneakiest.

I kept myself from sleeping
by sittin on tacks.

Someone had to speak up, I
doubt it should to be me.

Regular Married People? Same Sex Folk Families No longer a Crime.

Same Sex sodomy laws
off the books.

Being married to a
man or woman no longer a sacred deal?

Now the future looks like
the "FUTURE"!


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