WRAP: Ending Homelessness

A New National project is launched to create innovative ways to end Homelessness in Amerikka

You don't need a diploma to go to jail

Thousands of children of color are struggling to learn in West Contra Costa County. The people organize a Town Hall.

No Public Housing Evictions!

Superior Court Blocks Public Housing Evictions

Resistance in Film Series

POOR Magazine's Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute presents: Resistance in Film Series

Mama Dee's Manifesto on class and race privelege

A letter from Mama Dee to the Poverty, Race and Media Justice interns at POOR Magazine

We Accuse the Federal Government for allowing thousands of people to live without homes

A national study is released proving the connection between massive federal housing cuts and the dramatic rise in homelessness

Read the news today?

A woman of Cherokee and African-descent reacts to a recently published article entitled, "US Cherokees vote to expel descendants of slaves."

One poor mamaz' journey through poverty and C.P.S.


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