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telljoe - Posted on 21 March 2011

Joseph Bolden

Folks, I haven't written in months mainly because after leaving Poor Magazine for few weeks before into 2010, returning before 2011. I made lots of friends and was saddened to go back

to San Francisco, but vowed to return. Now it seems I'll be back in Ignacio, Co. in April but slightly later a friend may want. But return I shall and will stay a bit before S.F. calls again.

However before leaving I'll be doing an-out-of-comfort-zone thing again and for me a l - o - n - g   S - T - R - E - T - C - H. I must apologize to all my friends (you know you are) and I pray a certain young child that had an operation is doing much better than when I last left.

Equally, I haven't called anyone because of medical appointments, bills, and packing, repacking plus planning to visit another friend maybe after visit Canada.

But this week I'll be on stage in briefs or boxers teaching, talking about of all things Beauty. The subjective, objective, perception of it, who makes the rules and what, who, are considered beautiful. And there I'll be on stage in my undies and walking while talking through crowds of people hopefully more stress to those with clothes on than me with little on, lol.

Probably, I'll be on Youtube pics will be taken and well... This will be more unnerving for me than dressing up as Starchild with no voice playing Kiss's "I wanna rock 'n roll all night and party every day." This will teach me to get and stay in shape from now on.

Personally I know true beauty is people who won't give up on you, tell you when in your nerd moments and rackets and stand by you when you stumble. I know people like than and one in particular has shown not talked about what a true friendship is. Talk is cheap, action speaks louder. I will not drink anything or eat that day  because of nerves at this fashion and post fashion show. To all my friends in Colorado it will be for longer than a few weeks.

A few months of acclimation, find a job, work on a career, by a used car, work up to a moble home (because someone has given me the travel bug) but one must always have a home base. Me, I'll have two or three though Colorado has me in thrall there are so many places within the Red Mountains and Mile High Rockies I must see plus I may just be able to home sit out there (once I get a car and after a road trip a dear friend has reminded me of)

The end of 2010 saw me choose where to be if given a choice and I have and I've chosen.

I pray 2011 will be less fraught with fears, setbacks, and I can start my life over again.

Its funny how big cities or small towns can be places for do-start overs and beginnings.         I've written enough for now. I just hope my ole' bod' don't turn to many tummies.                 Beauty is everywhere hiding where least expected I hope someone see's that in me if not I'm able to see it within myself which is more important than being discovered by outsiders.


I cannot get into my own tell column again.
Guess I'll see about my blog on blogger.
Hi to everyone at Poor Magazine.
Saturday, April 9, 2011.

PS I hate Captcha!!!!

Everytime I'm away it takes me longer to do what use to
be don't quickly not I have to find all that stuff at
the house and bring it down the next day.
Leastwise I wrote stuff down and its not comming out of
my tush. The latest work is a variation on like father, like son.
Mine is Like Mama, like Son. but the pc in the library gives only and hour and only 3 times before you must move to another
pc. So either I get really fast or have two or more pc's ready in case of auto diconnect. Better to be faster and have it all written down before like in the old way it was done.

First write a draft or your work.
Second look for errors,correct them.
Third write until finished.
Self edit work with dictionar/thausaurous.
Publish:or let editor look at work for syntax errors.

Its slow but steady as a turtle and the work is all
the better for it.


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