Lola Bean - Posted on 05 April 2011

James K. Thomas - PNN Correspondent

The brain becomes a
smoldering cauldron of thought,
refining a notion
thus relieving reality; its dross.
That is,
that which is
the false of
physical inhibitions.

James, I'm sorry, but I still don't get it !!! Maybe you could explain it to me sometime...Meanwhile, I'm happy for you, that you've got your stuff published at last! And remember, these are INTERNATIONAL publications--so you can read your work in Japanese if you want to, and folks in Japan and beyond can read your stuff as well! Pretty cool, hunh? Erich can help you with that if you want to see your work in another language. I keep saying it, but I mean it--keep up the good work! Amen, brothah. I can feel Great Grandfather smiling upon you. Later, Cat.

...did it ever occur to that James's poem/work/whatever was merely the result of a monumental drunk? Frankly that's wht it sounded like to me.

is what I meant


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