Poverty Skolar Goes to the mAkkkademia Nuthouse

Bad News Bruce - Posted on 18 August 2011

by Bruce Allison, Lola Bean facilitator


I arrived here nervous, but Lola looked nice when I got off the bus.  We went to her apartment and I took a bath and a nap.  The next day we continued POOR Magazine's tradition of poor people/poverty skolaz' infiltration of Akkkademia as Tiny calls it or makkkademia as Lola sez, this time it was the University of Washington. 


Lola teaches skolas.  Her class is a class full of geniuses.  Cat is an elder and artist adn personal friend of John T.  She is 10 times more intelligent thant hte majority of university students with IQ's of a cumquat, but big egos and degrees.  Reggie was another skola.  A gentleman that worked as a fisherman up in Alaska.  He is a fantastic writer and writes Reggies Corner Rap for PNN-WA.  Lola would smile at me and Reggie when we would talk forever about how many friends we have on facebook. E Duplessis is a musician and formerly homeless and his girlfriend Leah who was a privileged woman that was assisting the class.  And the spirit of John T., community elder that was an eagle shot down from the sky by the Seattle Po'lice department was with us. We all went together to the Seattle Campus in the University district.  It looks a lot like downtown Berkeley or any other cloned university area with coffee shops and bars and other colonizer accoutrements. I was sweating bullets from being nervous at this big institution that looks like Hogwarts as lola calls it, on steroids.  It was the University of Washington and POOR Magazine was about to skool the hell out of it.  We got there as students slowly filed in.  People of color were not looking at each other.  There were two African descent people that looked so opposite.  One looked like a colonizer.  One looked like he wanted to be somewhere else.


Lola opens the class with the PNN-WA slam bios.  Then I told the class the history of PNN…tellin how a poor mother and daughter , Mama Dee and Tiny started a media and art revolution out of welfare, houselessness and struggle.  After I told the history of POOR Magazine, we watched a video about POOR Magazine. 


Then Lola went through PNN WA rules.  They’re a little different from PNN SF rules cuz the people there are so square, they wouldn’t know what a circle was. 


We watched a video of the murder of John T Williams.  He was killed for crossing the street with a piece of wood in one hand and a supposed open knife that was actually later found sheathed.  It was the instrument of a woodcarver that tells the stories of pieces of wood.  The cop was so untrained as an officer that when seeing a person with a piece of wood and a folded up knife in his hand that’s old enough to be his grandfather, he sees that as a threat. He called out to John, “Hey!” but did not identify himself as an officer.  And 4 seconds later you hear gunshots.  The class was horrified. 


Later she broke the class into two parts.  Half the class was taught about Core-prick (corporate) news by the PNN-WA skolas and the other half of the class deconstructed the Progr-Ass-have (progressive) media.  Skolars were taking their proper place as authorities and privileged kids from the university listened and learned from them.  Real skolashipPNN  style.  When they came together, the core-prick part of the class was hearing what the Progr-ASS-haves heard.  And vice versa.  Then PNN WA skolas read their article about John T Williams to the class. 


The class started asking questions and the teacher from the next class had to come and kick us out because we had gone overtime but nobody wanted to leave yet.  The students from UW said they loved the presentation and even stayed in the hall to talk to the skolas.  

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