Krip-Hop Nation Expands with Juako of Bogota, Colombia

Leroy - Posted on 03 October 2011

Leroy Moore

Krip-Hop Nation - Tell us the Hip-Hop scene in your country, Bogota, Colombia  Juako - In bogota colombia there's a lot of talent. and its hard to overcome but with a lot of support and blessings of god everything could be possible. Krip-Hop Nation -  As a musician with a disability what is the number one struggle? - Juako - The number one struggle as a musician with a disability is the access of my presentations because there's no place for us. Krip-Hop Nation - What is your main message in your music? - Juako - with my music, I try to inspire other people to overcome by expressing their feelings with art, express a message of energy and happiness. Krip-Hop Nation - Tell us why you teamed up with JAKE (another disabled Hip-Hop artist)? - Juako - We are good friends and are music partners with him is prefect. JAKE  is a good person and excellent M.C. Krip-Hop Nation - I have realize that there is a lack of disabled women who are openly out there doing Hip-Hop.  Have you worked with or know any woman with a disability doing Hip-Hop where you are from? Juako - Well i have not gotton a chance to work with a woman and i don't know any woman with disability who do hip hop. Krip-Hop Nation - What is the difference between Hip-Hop in the US and Hip-Hop in your country? Juako - I think the only difference  between hip hop in the U.S and my country is the language but the music is in our hearts. It is life and there's no walls that can stop this movement. Krip-Hop Nation -  What are you working on now?  and share some lines of your hottest song Juako - now i'm  workingin a proyect music call "comenzar de nuevo " (start again)--APRENDI A VIVIR  EXISTIR Y SENTIR SE PUEDE LOGRAR SE PUEDE ALCANZAR A LA META MAS DIFICIL LLEGAR  EL SENTIMIENTO ENCONTRAR  INVENTAR Y CREAR MELODIA NATURAL QUE CUANDO ME CAIGO ME VUELVO A LEVANTAR--- Krip-Hop Nation - What do you think about Krip-Hop Nation? Juako - i'think that Krip-Hop Nation is a excellent movement it's a good opportunity to show the talent without looking and discriminating the disability. Krip-Hop Nation has the POWER. Krip-Hop Nation -  Have you seen a disabled Hip-Hop artist in mainstream in your country if not why? Juako - i haven't seen a mainstream hip hop artist in my country. l've seen professionals, athlets with a disability, but i haven't seen a hip hop artist because in our country there no opportunity to show this artist. Krip-Hop Nation  What can the USA learn from Hip-Hop in your country? Juako - The hip hop from the U.S can learn our style , our rhyme and we combine our talent  we can make history. Krip-Hop Nation  What is your process in writing songs?  Are they all have a message or do u like to write party songs? Juako - When  I write my songs i think  in my episodes of my life my wrongs  and what i learned from. Sometimes my happenies make party music. Krip-Hop Nation-  What do you think about mainstream Hip-Hop compare to underground Hip-Hop as a person with a disability? Juako - I think that colombia is ready to see and hear hip hop from people with disability.  I'll show on stage  that we could do things  like artists that don't have disabilities and more. Krip-Hop Nation -  How can people contact you and listen to your music Juako - People could contact me by email and hear and download my music free in this link 

Krip-Hop Nation -  Any last words? Juako - I dedicated my songs to people who wants to overcome in life and to my family and friends who likes my talent. Thanks to KRIP HOP NATION  for giving me the opportunity to show my music and my life to other people in other countries.


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