Where is Hope?-Documentary on Police Brutality Against People with Disabilities

Leroy - Posted on 11 January 2012

Leroy Moore

Film Where Is Hope A National Documentary and CD Mixtape Project on Police Brutality Against People With Disabilities.

We are enter Phase two of the project which involves traveling from NY to Berkley California to do interviews with Activists , Victims and Musicians with disabilities working on the CD mixtape by disabled artists Nationally.

We will film also a Forum around the issue lead by Krip Hop Nation Founder with a physical disability Leroy Moore. We have already Filmed Forum at Syracuse University as well as interviews there and in Boston and Virginia with victims of profiling and Police brutality in those states. Police Brutality in general has been on the rise Nationally and less documented has been the increase in the incidents involving people with disabilities nationwide.

We are currently trying to raise money to cover the cost of Travel, Food and Lodging for 3-5 days in San Fransisco to do filming and interviews.

This project is extremely important to the many people with disabilities who are victims of Police Brutality and Profiling but because of inadequate documentation by record reporters they have become invisible victims. Bringing more awarness to this national problem can help to bring some solutions and involvement to stem the rising incidents involving people with disabilities. Better methods employed by law enforcement along with more community involvement can help to save lives and bring about better relations with local law enforcement and the community of people with disabilities. As a retired NYC Police Officer and artist with a disability i am passionate about helping bring fairness and resolve to this ever growing problem.

If We can fuel this project over the 100 percent level we will be able to travel to other cities to document more cases of this outrage. "1. RocketHub is not an investment or charity. It is an exchange: funds from fans for rewards from me. 2. It's an All & More funding mechanism: if I don't reach my financial goal I get to keep what I raise. But if I do reach my goal, I get access to exciting opportunities."


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