King Snyder/Bradford Baker Kicking Metal Into Krip-Hop Nation

Leroy - Posted on 28 May 2012

Leroy Moore

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN): Wow I've been dying for this interview to blow it way open. I love your music/lyrics and always loved all kinds of music. Tell us your love of music and why Metal?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Hey man, first of all thank you and secondly, I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you. I’m kind of a slacker at times. My love of music and why Metal? I think my love of music is probably the same as everyone else’s. It’s sort of an amazing intangible feeling inside. A portal to other dimensions of thought and perspective… I suppose Metal is one of my favorites because it’s deep, dark and rich with controversy. I like anything that begs a question and doesn’t settle for the very first answer. I guess Rock n Roll & Metal will always be that for me.

KHN: Have you ever saw another Metal artist that is a wheelchair user like you and tell us about the Metal community and their outlook on disability.

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): No I haven’t and other than reading a few magazines each month or what I see on the internet, I don’t think I know a whole lot about the “Metal Community”. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I’ve definitely considered myself a Metal head for more than 20 years but I’ve never been too keen on clique or cults.

KHN: Your lyrics are very political like in the song, Pacify that I FUCKING love. Tells us your process of writing lyrics.

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Man, sometimes shit just pisses ya off and you need to vent. By putting it into lyrics, I can vent to a larger audience and possibly make a difference in someone’s life.

KHN: What are your views on the political environment we live in like their recent occupied movement?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Shit’s all fucked up and ass backwards in this crazy world. Unfortunately greed and power rule the day and what’s left are the scraps we nibble on. We’re an infestation and probably should be terminated. I mean, some people are okay I guess but most are foul. Fuck! I’m one of them. We’re a generally selfish species by nature. Few would be truly gifted and or enlightened enough to lead us in the right direction. I’ve yet to see one enter the political landscape in my lifetime. Who knows, maybe someday? Most likely, a truly enlightened person is smart enough to stay out of politics ☺

KNH: I remember that you sent me a video years ago and when I saw it I was like why is this ain't on MTV. What are your thoughts about this bling bling music industry and your goals?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Man, I’m thirty-six years old and since I was probably fourteen or fifteen, MTV has sucked ass! It’s the same with all corporate owned bullshit. It’s one big regurgitated, piece of shit, advertisement after another. I’m not talking about the commercials… I’m talking about the actual programming. It’s all the same rehashed, recycled sales pitch after another. It’s rare you’ll ever see anything truly inspiring on a channel like MTV.

KHN: How long has the band been together and do you ever think about doing a solo CD?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): King Snyder’s been together for over ten years. I’ve got some solo stuff out there. It’s from back in 2000. Check out BirdSkull on Soundcloud -

KHN: Have you wrote a song about being disabled in this industry and if not, will you?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Not specifically but I’m sure many of my lyrics have been influenced by it in small ways here and there. It’s a part of my life so it’s bound to have influenced the way I express myself creatively.

KHN: Will we ever see a physically disabled woman in Metal?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Who knows…? I’m sure there’s a disabled chick out there somewhere, screaming her balls off into a mic or rippin’ solos on a badass Gibson Les Paul. I’d be down with that.

KHN: Krip-Hop Nation would love to do a combo mix track of Metal and Hip-Hop all by artists with disabilities. What do you think about that?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Thanks to you, it’s already in the works. Wait till you hear some of this shit we’re cooking up. Gonna blow yo mind!

KHN: There is always this talk about how violent Metal & Hip-Hop are. What are your thoughts about that?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Sure some of its violent. Some of the greatest Metal & Hip-Hop ever created is the absolute definition of violence. We’re a violent species. That’s why Hip-Hop & Metal is some of the best music available. It’s the most honest.

KHN: Give us a story about discrimination toward you and the band because of your disability?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): I’d have to make one up… It’s never happened.

KHN: Do you see Black people in the local Metal community there?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Man, people are people. Questions like that are not important. A better way for me to answer what I think you’re asking is; that I believe all people should be welcome everywhere!

KHN: What are the goals of the group this year?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Have fun, make music, and have fun ☺

KHN: Are you looking for a record contract deal or do you feel comfortable being independent?
Bradford Baker (King Snyder): I didn’t think actual record companies still existed.

KHN: Do people with disabilities come to your shows?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): Everyone has some sort of disability. So therefore, yes. Everyone with a disability comes to our shows.

KHN: What are your future projects and how can people contact u?

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): As of right now, I suppose that is probably the easiest way to get a hold of us. All of our future endeavors will be reported there on a regular basis.

KHN: Give us some off the head Metal/Krip-Hop lyrics.

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): I got my eye on the prize like a tiger on a blood diamond… Give me five seconds that you’ll never want back… Everything I give is like crack… Splash! The fluid between us… The energy, the synergy, the mastermind, first breath of life… Take a walk in my shoes… Size seven Adidas!

KHN: Any last words:

Bradford Baker (King Snyder): BOOM! There ya go bro! Better late than never.


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