Jazzie - Poverty Hero

Tiny - Posted on 08 August 2013

for jazzie
by tommi avicolli mecca
© 2013


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jazzie wherever you are/ I know it isn’t far
you’re still fighting the good fight/ like we did all thru the day and thru the night
jazzie I’m thinking some/ a change is gonna come
but it’s dark before the dawn/ tho’ the light of your soul was always on
BREAK: la la la la la la la...you’re with us in the streets and in the places where 
we meet/ saying to me we gotta do something about this/ not tomorrow but today
that’s what you always usta say
jazzie my sister, jazzie my friend
jazzie your heart is gold/ your truth is always told
you were true to what you sought/ and the changes that life has always brought
jazzie my sister/ jazzie my friend (2X) /till we meet again/ somewhere on the road/ till we meet again


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