The Houseless Folks

Muteado - Posted on 24 March 2014

“They are 10,000 houseless folks in San Francisco and 30,000 vacant homes in San Francisco”

Uncle Bruce aka Bad news Bruce


Inspire by Felicia


The Houseless are always told what to do, and what Not to do

Where to sleep and where not to sleep

What time they need to go sleep and what time they need to get up

Where to eat, and what to eat

Where to sit  and when they need to go away

Which Line to stand and wait to get your GA
Where they can release and where is unaoppropiate?

When to come By, And when they need to call back

Which Meds to take and which are not ok


The Houseless are always told which benefits they get, and which ones are denied for them

Always told by Social Workers and Care Providers that sometimes don’t Care or Provide.


The Houseless Walk and live in the streets of the Bay Area, invisible to the people who don’t want to see them, who walk around and over them, to validate their individual happiness of the rotten Amerikkkan Dream.


The Houseless are still waiting for the Yes We Can, that Obama promise through out his campaign. For the Change that Sam Cooke sang, But nothing has change, the Houseless still gather by the river and the Bay in alleys where the Amerikkan Dream becomes nightmares.


Papa Bear The Panhandler reporter for Poor Magazine, who serve and fought in  Vietnam, and in the streets of San Francisco his whole life, who spoke truth to power of the abuse of Houseless Folks by the Sit Lie Law and the Abuse against Houseless Folks, from been power wash by city workers and enforcers, to the stealing and throwing his life time belongings to the Garbage. Papa bear went out fighting in the trenches of the streets of San Francisco like a true soldier, I only wonder if was really a heart attack that took him, or was it that his Heart was broken to many times by this cold city Call San Francisco.


But fucken Hipsters can sit at 16th and Mission drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer blocking the side walk and no one seems to mind or care.


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