Tiny - Posted on 07 October 2015

I and my Deecolonize Academy and POOR Magazine family went to a protest at City Hall, the protest was about gentrification, housing, and displacement.

An example of housing displacement is the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD). RAD is impacting low income families who live in public housing in San Francisco and all over the nation, because RAD is a move to privatize all the public housing buildings in the United States.

The RAD program was created by the San Francisco Housing Authority and non profit organizations.

''Rental assistance Devastation'', said Queennandi Xsheba from POOR Magazine, who we spoke with at the protest. She continued,''What The RAD program has done to my Nation is made them house less and pass away and die because they had no family and no where to go'', she concluded.

What I think about this is that it will eventually effect my friends and family so we have to find a way to fight back and take back what is ours.


Editors Note- Deecolonize Academy's Revolutionary Youth Media Education(RYME) class and POOR Magazine family re-ported and sup-ported on the huge rally called The City Takes City Hall on September 10th.. As low-income students of color these issues impact all of these children and their families so not only are they learning multi-media, writing and journalism, they are also learning how to resist the endless attack on their communities.



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