A day For Mark Flaherty

Tiny - Posted on 23 February 2016

The funeral started around 11 o' clock on a Thursday. At first it began cloudy then about a couple of minutes later it got sunny. The car he was in came, then his sister went along as some of his family and friends saw Mark for the last time. It was sad seeing Aunt Viv cry and depressing for most of his family. Then the pallbearers carried the casket toward the grave, then put it on top of something to carry the casket and lower it down.

Then the catholic priest began to speak and say what was needed to be said. I would've gave more detail but I forgot some of the stuff he was saying.

Mark Flaherty who was born July 14th 1969, died January 28, 2016 at age 47 years old. It was a very young death but he will be very much missed in all of our hearts, but he is watching over us.

"Mark was always solid” said, one of his long time friends.

''If someone asked Mark if he wanted to go somewhere he'd be the first at the door'' said one of his family members.


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