From Flagstaff to Flint -Some of our Communities Cant Drink Their Own Water

Tiny - Posted on 10 April 2016

Some of our communities can’t even drink their own water because it’s so poisonous” said Klee Benally, a Dine revolutionary who works all over America but lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. Klee has done work to protect the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff from becoming a ski resort. But, the government went along with it anyways.

In Flagstaff, Arizona among the drywall and plaster buildings heaped together to form a reservation is the amazing place that is called Taala Hooghan Infoshop. That is where we stayed for one night and interviewed its founder, Klee Benally. Taala Hooghan was founded in October 25, 2007 and they give classes on the reservation on how to do media and art and write with youth and adults.

The San Francisco Peaks glisten with fake snow in the afternoon sunlight. The Arizona snow bowl is the company that profits off of this destruction of mother earth. The Arizona Snow Bowl is a ski resort that resides on the San Francisco Peaks. They use the toilet water from Flagstaff to keep the snow going all year long. Then the snow melts and runs into the rivers and streams where people get their drinking water.

Another reason that people shouldn’t drink or bathe in this water is because of the mountain mines all around Arizona. These mines, too deep for human exposure, use drills that push water into the earth in order to force the things upward that they need.

Then they dispose of the water by putting it in the pipes of the people who live in the cities under them. The bad part about this is that 99% of the time the water has extra chemical runoff. Another thing is that they do not test for the pharmaceuticals and drugs. The runoff is comprised of chemicals like uranium, copper, tanzanite and iron. All of those things are proven to cause birth defects, cancer and many other horrible diseases.


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