Mayors, Missionaries & Migrante Warriors on May Day - Dia de sin Inmigrante 2017

Tiny - Posted on 03 May 2017

(Click here for PNN-TV - Youth Skolaz interviews at MayDay March)

No Borders, No walls- No Deportations at all....

On the herstoric May Day 2017, which celebrates workers all over the world, we poor peoples, migrant, indigenous, and unhoused youth, families and elders from POOR Magazine and Deecolonize Academy support-ed and re-ported on both sides of Lisjan/Ohlone territory (Bay Area) with thousands of indigenous peoples from all four corners of Mama Earth. We marched and resisted the false yet real borders and celebrated the resistance of all migrante, indigenous poverty skola workers, lavaplateros, (dishwashers), trabajadores domesticas(domestic workers), cocineros (kitchen workers), jardeneros (gardeners), and so many more. All the workers who do the work that keeps you alive.

What Was GentriFUKer in Chief doing there?

In the time of Trumplandia, we are forced to make strange relationships- which is the nicest way i can desrcibe the poltrickster-shit show that encapsulated the movement in Yelamu (SF) from the emcee to the gentriFUker in chief leading the march, the place was crawling with them. That said, this final cherry on a pimped out cake wasnt part of the original organizers plans and it was revealed that one of the unions (SEIU 87) invited ED Lie and not everyone understood or overstood what or why he was there.

But like i always say, while we Po' folks work on land and resource liberation we still got to fight for the little bit of crumbs in their hands.

There is also that issue of sanctuary cities and the possible loss of millions in funding by Mayors in cities like Oakland and Frisco because of Trumpakkklan insanity.  So while the gentriFUKer in chief enables, promotes and often causes the eviction, displacement and removal of thousands of poor peoples of all colors, including elders from his own culture, he now stands in some form of strange leadership supporting migrant peoples.

Prayers, love and liberation for all of us - always.


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