Resurrection- Redemption - Eviction?- Decolonial Black Jesus & UnSelling Mama Earth

Tiny - Posted on 22 April 2019

 Resurrction- Redemption - Eviction-??

Resurrection- Rejection- Eviction-??


How can anyone honor the liberator known as Yeshua

resurrect his soul and then believe that thrival involves being bought and sold- 


From Berkeley to Baltimore - our unhoused bodies have nowhere to go- 

Believing in lies that mama earth has a price 

Must be endlessly extracted for minerals and oil- 

Yes its a J-O-B

and yes 

We all need to eat 

And yes I’m still on the street 

And yes-we can’t just keep pimping greed 

As the only way to make it and b


Releasing our minds from the lie that to make it is to b sold- 

Selling mama earth- is selling our our soul


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