CONservatorSHIT- new laws passed to criminalize our Unhoused bodies

Tiny - Posted on 09 June 2019

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POlitricks or a pile of Ish…



Ya heard- ?

Colonizer code for

You lost all your rights as a houseless disabled person on this stolen mama earth



A CON from the Get

Anti-social workers lined up to get paid by that ish-


Yea im mad -

We got lies- I mean laws upon laws to incarcerate every poor person they get

Cuz the War ON the poor is in full EFFECT

From sleeping bans to you don’t get to be poor and stand


This story from a poverty skola is in honor of all the

new anti-poor people Lygislations…


In San Francisco yet another lygislation called CONservatorship(T) was passed which will  exacerbate the dangerous and violent war ON the Poor. Instituting and inviting in more criminalization, poLice engagement of unhoused,disabled residents of San Francisco who happen to not have access to $4-5,000 a month to pay for a roof.


After a series of back room deals aka "amendments" - code for "what I need to say to get you to sign on this line today", tweeking an already existing good legislation(Lanterman-Petris-Short Act) for disabled bodies just to figure out a way to force treatment on houseless folks in struggle.


This lygislation which was agreed to even by so-called “progressive” poltricksters seems to be rooted in the Non-profit Industrial Complex ongoing need to profit off of our poverty as well as poltricksters needing to seem like they are “doing” something about homelessness, but as some of our undercover roofLESS radio poverty skola reporters report, this is because in the giant poor people consumer catalogue of scarcity model support crumbs, severely disabled, substance using poor people have no resources allocated for them.


And when I witnessed the 20-something anti-social workers and case manglers, lined up, brief case and power-point in hand at the hearings leading up to this, outlining all the specifics of this 21st century mental hospital as jail model, I realized there was some serious paychecks to be paid from this Ish  


You see Krapitalists always need to have a new product They are getting low in mama earth and her resources to steal  so now they tryin to eat us and their own tail


Its absolutely terrifying - From the ‘people cages in florida to the death of indigenous poor children and trans peoples  crossing these false borders - the colonizers now make more money if we incarcerated or dead-


Krapitlalism has so much blood on its evil hands -And yet people still walk quietly into its jaws - giving up their consciousness for the shere possiblity of making it - with that false colonizer paper dollar god.


“Black and Brown people barely survive on 5150 ( mental health crisis call ) much-less “8”,” said my brother in POOR Magazine and Krip Hop Nation Leroy Moore in a follow-up interview.


Which is why we are afraid - And  why we Poor and Houseless POOR Magazine family are working harder than ever to build, manifest and stop the flow of this Anti-poor people hate  - scarcity model based cult of rehabilitation. But here we are with more ways to possibly get killed by poLice.


“I want to know what precautions have been put in place to avoid the danger to Black and Brown people if this is implemented, “ said SF Supervisor Shamann Walton to the anti-social workers at one of the hearings leading up to its passage.


Get it clear family there is nothing good about the Conservatorship law- One of the poltrickster/supporters said - his mama was gravely mentally ill so thats why he believed it was a good law-So you would call the poLice - steal from  and incarcerate your mama? I thought when I heard this , Or dare I say maybe cause you are a middle class wite man, you might never understand that trauma.


Please be clear fellow poverty skolaz - these poltricksters NEVER have our back - We must all enlist support, or engage with the newly forming Poor Peoples Army - so we can all build our own self-determined solutions - like Homefulness- & First the Came for The Homeless -right here in occupied Huchuin Oakland and HypoCRAZY berkeley.


And for those of you with resources -please understand - the cult of independence is OVER - that you must begin to practice inter-dependence #RadicalRedistribution - to do that you must unlearn these scarcity model lies that like my mama used to say weren’t good for no-one even rich white people  please engage with deep personal change like we teach at Peopleskool cause in the end and the Bank of Community Reparations-

Laws like these will kill us. Period.


The Next session of Peopleskool is August 24th and 25th - to register go to - for more information, to get involved in the building  of the Bank fo Community Reparations email



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