Support Black/Brown Youth in Poverty Reporting on PoLice Terror/Gun Violence

Tiny - Posted on 22 June 2020

Please Support Deecolonize Academy Youth in Media Paid Mentorship- HERE

Teaching and mentoring formerly houseless & houseless Black & Brown youth to write and produce radio, video on PoLice terror  and Gun Violence in their own families and communities, and lives for the next issue of Decolonewz and PNNKEXU radio and get paid stipends for their work.  Mentorship also includes learning and doing construction on Homefulness- a Homeless peoples solution to homelessness, meditation, Basketball  and Aztec Dance   

What is Deecolonize Academy 

As homeless and formelry homeless people of color in a society that was built off of us but not for us, we feel that it is essential to provide quality, relevant and realistic education to our black, brown, disabled,indigenous youth, that will develop them into leaders, enhance their unique gifts, and uplift them to greatness to ultimately decolonize. 

What is Decolonewz

Decolonewz is a community newspaper of the Blackarthur (MacArthur Bl) neighborhood and the school newspaper of the Deecolonize Academy. Deecolonize Academy is a people-led school on the sacred land we Po folks call Homefulness. Homefulness is a project of POOR Magazine.

PLEASE NOTE: Mentorship will be small, outdoor, socially distant classes with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), healthy food love and support 

You can donate  at or by purchasing a mask, Tshirt or Hoodie at


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