Cleaning up the Land So more houseless Families like us can be Safe

Tiny - Posted on 27 July 2020

My name is a ziair and As I walk on the campus and get ready  for Summer camp at Deecolonize Academy I sit down and eat then we did  martial arts with brother mink.


 Afterwards we all sat down and talked about how we're gonna go to homefulness 2 When we got  there we prayed. Everybody had goggles Shields and gloves  We brought trash bags, Rakes and  weed cutters We are paired Up into teams and got the garbage from off the site,we also cut the weeds.


We were cleaning up the site there was a lot of shattered glass and old glass bottles and the land looked like a jungle,We chopped all the weeds Cut and rake the grass then took a break for the interview the show what we were doing,   everyone was hot and sweaty,what we were was a goal that we got it done because it was important.We got there at 11am and ended at 12pm


 Cleaning up  is fun and pretty good exercise.  Starting at homefulness #1, which we are still trying to build as poor and houseless peoples to then make Homefulness #2 happen is a big Journey but with all our family we made it happen and are liberating another small part of land.


 Us all being homeless we never had a home that was stable or place we could go to count on so that's why we're providing it for the homeless Now because we knew how it felt to not have one To lean on and have no support.


in conclusion: as we closed out the land, it look better already.  We shared our thoughts about well we did and then prayed.It was very needed  that we did all that stuff so that we can take care of our and not junk It Up ,I'm glad I was able to help out.  



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