Homefulness is like Heaven

Tiny - Posted on 31 July 2020

Me and my family were homeless, we lost our brother to Gun Violence and we have dealt with a lot of violence and poverty in our lives. When i came to Homefulness i felt safe.

Homefulness is a community launched by Dee and Tiny Garcia. Homefulness is a safe place for  people of color. And so many more folks that need a safe place could join us in the movement to free Mama Earth along with all of our Po Uncles, Aunties, Grandmas and Grandpas. I study at Deecolonize Academy - a liberation school for children in poverty on the land at Homefulness in East Oakland.


Homefulness is a place that helps homeless people on the streets. We give out food to see their smiles. They also have their own radio show led by youth skolaz and adult skolaz. Also we support our people in the streets.


Homefullness is not just a place, it’s much more than a place, it's like heaven. We save lives during this pandemic, we always help our community and never stop, always help the poor. Homefulness is a place where you can feel safe.


Deecolonize Academy  is different from the other schools.and housing It is led by our community from the streets. They are also teaching the young ones how to take care of the elders in our community. This school at Homefulness teaches so many things that are different from the regular schools.


Homefulness is a special space for all of us and this community fights the cruel injustice on our people. We are not a fake organization, we are the real deal, and we are always showing up and supporting anyone who needs our help.


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