Children and Weapons - Gun Violence in Amerikkka

Tiny - Posted on 03 August 2020

Royta Demarco Giles was a young 8-year-old black boy who was shot and killed at his local mall in Hoover, Alabama. He along with his sister, father, and mother were in the crossfire. His death is left with no answers, and I only beg to differ if we're asking the right question. Are we questioning ourselves enough and should we reevaluate our situation with our children and weapons?

Royta Demarco Giles’s mother who at this time wishes to be confidential about her identity is quoted saying ‘’They took a good one,’’ referring to her son who was shot and killed at 3 pm at a local mall called the RiverChase Galleria. The first shots were heard by witnesses at 3:18 pm. This is when 4 people along with Royta were riddled down with a hailstorm of bullets.

The family has been told that one suspect has been taken into custody, and the police department are confident there are more people responsible for the dramatic actions. This was not the only shooting at the Galleria. On November 22, 2018, Emantic Fitz ‘’EJ’’ Bradford Jr. was shot unjustly by police with a legal weapon as a black man.

EJ’s story is a different one but being similar in location and it’s ties to gun violence. EJ in short was a black man in the Galleria on thanksgiving. EJ had been shot by police because he was mistakenly taken as a suspect. The police who shot him said they thought EJ was an immediate threat and therefore was not convicted for shooting EJ.

I understand the right to bear arms is deeply embedded into the DNA of this country. Though it is hard to look at the truth. The fact of the matter is people are dying and the more we can have these discussions of gun violence the faster we can find a solution and find a light at the end of this tunnel.


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