Youth Letters to Judge- Free Joey Villarreal

Tiny - Posted on 11 August 2020

Dear Honorable Judge, 

CC District Attorney Jeff Rosen 

August 10, 2020


My name is Kimo Umu, a youth poverty skola from Decolonize Academy, and I pray that you release Joey Villareal from custody. He is the prime example of many incarcerated people who have been in the system for long periods of time who made a choice with integrity to turn his life around. From being portrayed as a villain, he flipped the script and became the role model for not only for other incarcerated folks but for the many future troubled youth to know that there's more to life than the streets. Jose Villareal is an innocent man and is very important to the health of many communities especially the Raza. I can say this because I am that troubled youth and he gives me the chance to see light.


Sincerely, Kimo Umu 








From: Ziair hughes 

Dear Honorable Judge 

Cc  District Attorney Jeff Rosen 

August 10, 2020 



I am a 11 year old Decolonize student and I pray that you release Joey Villareal from custody. Mr. Villarreal was always kind. No matter what he always would tell the truth. Mr Villarreal never sugar coded and he is a teacher to the community. Mr Villarreal did artwork for the Decolonewz newspaper for my school. Mr Villarreal read my book and said “I like what you're doing, keep up the good work.” He is a Grandfather, Uncle, Son and last but not least a mentor. Mr. Villarreal has had a criminal record but everyone deserves redemption. And he needs to come back home so he could teach the community



 Ziair Hughes







August 8, 2020

From: Tiburcio Garcia

Dear Honorable Judge,                                                                              


I am a youth scholar at Decolonize Academy. I am a 16 year old, formerly homeless latino youth who has been a friend and student of Mr. Villareal while he was incarcerated and since he has been released. Mr. Villareal has made sure to talk to me and pay attention to my questions I had as a mixed race brown youth growing up in Oakland and San Francisco, and never failed to give perfect advice.  while after being released, he did an amazing piece of artwork and gave it to me as a gift for sending him letters when he was incarcerated. He has also helped me further as an artist, as one of my passions is painting. I look at the painting he made for me, propped it up in my room and It inspires me to pursue what I am passionate about and not give up, because although Mr. Villareal was incarcerated; he still drew beautiful art pieces. Also, Mr. Villareal is an inspiration to all young people of color who have struggled with poverty and racism which is why I'm praying that the court will release Mr. Villareal back to the community.   



TIburcio Garcia                                         



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