Wood Street Report

Tiny - Posted on 21 October 2020

In these days of crisis and chaos I ask could we find peace or at least come to an agreement on one thing. This one thing I'm specifically talking about is homlessness. Can we figure out the solution without having to use extreme physical force against homeless people in Oakland? I think the first step is to uplift stigmatization of homeless people in oakland.
On October 13th, my organization, a poor magazine known for political ties and activism for the rights of houseless folks, made its way through west oakland to a paved road called wood street. This place is the home to many different homeless encampments.
We were there because my organization, being experienced with this line of work, knew these people would be the first impacted by the encampment management company. So we wanted to ask some questions and were actually first greeted by a tall man claiming he advocated and has supported the homeless encampment.
His name was Dale, and he was a member of the united front against displacement. His organization primarily focused on the homeless encampment located on wood street. His organization focuses on building solidarity against the unfair displacement and criminalization of homeless folks.
When Dale mentioned this I thought in my mind at the moment he’s fighting against the city and it’s policies trying to sweep homeless people off the street. After saying his piece he informed us that the city tried to take out the multiple homeless encampments of wood street last 2019 in the month November.                                          
Our interview stopped with Dale and we found our chance to interview with some of the resident’s of Wood Street. Many were content to give an interview except one woman. Meagan Carter Griffin who has been homeless for 8 years, gave her thoughts on the policies- ‘’It's a red lining of homeless folks.”
Meagan has a point and so did everyone involved. This new policy is the red lining of homeless people and will put people in danger of criminalization. These policies have always been around it’s just this time we have a name to call it and certainly nothing new under the sun.


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