Houses not encampments

Tiny - Posted on 21 October 2020

Decolonize Academy is a school led by the community and we do reports, and stories on the homeless people getting kicked out of their homes because nobody seems to care about these people on the streets. 


Decolonize Academy is different from the man's school because this school cares about you and this school doesn't tell you lies about your culture and the american dream, which is gentrifiction taking homes.


We went to a homeless encampment that was getting pushed out of their homes for a bio research lab. These people would say homeless people stuff is garbage to the society, but you know that a lie from the corporation. Our government and the research bio lab and the sheriff might pull up and move  them out of there,


This one lady lived there for 4 years. They have their own garden to help each other. This encampment is under a bridge and a freeway, and it's really loud. When I went to this encampment I could hear cars going by and i could see RV’S around parked. This is their home, they have nowhere else to go.


This encampment wasn’t here before. but it is now here and they are trying to get rid off the homeless people out of this encampment. That is not the solution. They should get the homeless people homes to get some rest. Also for the children and elerdly people who shoudn't be on the streets.


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