Low-Key Race War

Tiny - Posted on 21 October 2020

In the early 1900’s David Wark Griffith’s film “A Birth of A Nation” was dubbed one of Hollywood’s most influential films. Although the title he received came with controversy, the silent movie still grew to be very popular amongst the MAGA supporters of that particular time.


The movie had depicted Black people, men for the most part, to be these savage-like raving beasts destroying the “good ole boys” way of life and raping white women only to be “defeated” by the “heroic” KKK.


The spirit of “A Birth of A Nation” continues to live on to this day as seen in the influx of police shootings involving Blacks and other folks of color with the latest cop-related killing of Jonathan Price. On October 3,, Price was tased then shot and killed by officer Shaun Lucas while trying to break up an altercation at a gas station in downtown Wolfe City, Texas. 


Witnesses state that Jonathan Price was not acting in a threatening manner nor was he armed but that he was trying to clarify the situation to police before he was tased then shot dead. Video recovered of the shooting had left Wolfe City police chief Matthew Martin “not happy” with what he saw. Officer Shaun Lucas was arrested and charged with the murder of Price and has since posted the 1 million dollar bail that was set in the case.  According to the loved ones of Jonathan Price, he was once a football player for Hardin-Simmons university in Texas and prior to his passing he had worked two jobs and was a well known, well loved active member of the community.


The murder of Price comes right on the heels of the “acquittal” of the police officers in the Breonna Taylor case and several other police related killings of people of color in which very few cops were held accountable for their actions. With Amerikkka’s history of the “ill-legal lynchings” of Black folks it is safe to say that this country will alway perpetuate its MAGA ways and continue to support the worldwide false propaganda that DW Griffith had displayed on film.


Many social media critics have posted very hateful comments about Black folks in general, saying how we “deserve” the treatment we have endured- from being stolen, enslaved, murdered, exploited, robbed of our language, culture and complete knowledge of self because we are “bad people who loot and commit crimes”


But to these same critics it is OK for the president of this “free” country to send a “shout out” to groups such as the “proud boys” who are supposed to be affiliated with the agenda of white supremacy. It was OK to murder Black men, women and children in the community of Rosewood, Florida, OK that many children were snuffed out in Atlanta in the mid-to- late 1970’s for no reason other than being African-descendant and that we are not worthy of reparations to compensate for the deliberate genocide that has taken place for centuries and still continues to this day because of the stigma of US being “bad people”- with dark skin.


“Bad people” cannot blame the “bad people” that were “created” in the name of hate, for “hate” itself is a bad deed no matter where it comes from. Low-key racists that are full of hypocrisy have been coming out in full force especially since they have a “grand dragon” for a president that openly supports the white supremacists’ ideology. And Trump doesn’t even wear a “mask” to hide it.


CR Queennandi Xsheba 2020


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