My Dad's Life: Decolonize Academy Final Essay 2020

Tiny - Posted on 05 January 2021

Hello my name is Amun-Ra. I'm writing to you a little story about my dad. My dad was born in the 1980’s. The city he was born in is Oakland, CA, the same city my grandmother and my grandad met. My granddad was an investor and my grandmother was a college student at the time my dad was born. He was the fourth of five children, the last boy. 

         My dad grew up in Oakland playing every sport possible. He played sports such as basketball, baseball and football. He tried to skateboard but he still can’t ride till this day. I try to help him, he’s getting better but he is still a little shaky. He is better at basketball. A great thing that I will never forget that my dad told me is “life is like sports; if you work hard you will score.”


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