Malcolm X Monologue

admin_general - Posted on 14 May 2021

by Jack Minel


For me to even begin to tell you what I think about what is happening to the youth today is... they have given up. But they, like me and so many others, have been duped by the criminal justice system. We did not ask to be poor, for our ancestors to be segregated and put through cotton fields, and 200 years later, have adults and children be set up to do the same thing. And the kids who are usually being arrested are teenagers who are lost or don't know any other way. But as a person who served 10 years in the pen, wasting away in the white man’s pigsty, I broke free from their bondage and fought against the oppressors. 


I agree with Malcolm X when it comes to the right for self governance and respect to all. To treat one another with respect, but have the right to speak up when it’s necessary to do so. His story is jaded like another, but I believe what people love and admire about Malcolm is he makes an effort to fuel his ambitions to beat the odds that were set against him. 


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