Monologue: Zapatista Army of National Liberation

admin_general - Posted on 14 May 2021

by AK Carrillo

Brothers and sisters, after all these years, we still fight the same enemies. The monster of media and entertainment, the monster that keeps people in control with lies and manipulation.  This monster has consumed our land, our culture, and locked the remaining into its system of colonization. We the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) have partnered with independent media outlets to spread our messages and hopefully educate people. We use trusted media to, like I said, spread our messages and avoid manipulation and lies. We have been telling people that we are currently in the Fourth World War: Neoliberalism’s Globalization.

We started EZLN to fight against the oppressive systems we are attacked by. We also provide education, food and safe housing for our people because we know that we cannot rely on the governments to support us it's actually these governments that are killing us. The EZLN started in 1983, 38 years ago. This doesn't even count our work before.

As we evolve and learn so does the enemy, nowadays things might seem different but the intentions are the same. We are still being killed and massacred, this is a worldwide problem, and all most people do is just watch the videos of the killings. The media is still here brainwashing us. The killings of our brothers and sisters has become such a normal thing that we don't feel the shock that riles us up.

What we need to do is start groups like EZLN to defend your homes. Defend your home by providing food, housing and protection. Our main goal is to not be needed. We want a society that doesn't need groups like EZLN. We need to destroy the system that is run by greed and fueled with our blood. We can only achieve this if we all unite. We fight for this land,all of mother earth, our culture and our lives. Thank you Brothers and Sisters.


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