Many Undertones of Lonely

admin_general - Posted on 14 May 2021

by AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 


The times have become really lonely during Corona it's a new day everything that was actually isn't I've come to realize that existing is far more spiritual then we know it or take it to be living life is an experience that we so often call a Journey yet in my journey I have encountered some of the most contradictory experiences of a lifetime I know that it is for certain that someway somehow there is a loneliness that takes presence in each and every one of us now whether or not it's lasting is neither here nor there I play with words that differ let's look at the word “alienation” or what about the word “Outkast” what is the difference between these words I will tell you it is the underlying spirit in which they were birthed from and then it's the feeling that it brings on in action which the word that I'm focusing on comes into play and that word is the first word I started with which is loneliness to be lonely what exactly is it what does it mean where does it come from and how does one catch it ... I personally have always been comfortable in my own skin never in a million years would I have thought that I would be a Target for loneliness yeah yeah I know the fact that I'm a human makes me a charger right well as for me I never really felt alone ever even if I was in the room by myself with the door closed staring at 4 or five walls including the top ceiling I Still wouldn't feel alone however it wasn't until a recent encounter forced me to re-examine my loneliness loneliness doesn't always show its face as loneliness that's the tricky part you can't admit something that you're unaware of so trying to deal with it is Ludacris some individuals wouldn't acknowledge the known meanest if it stared them in the face and said hi I'm your loneliness I think it is very necessary to do self-checks as much as possible but I think having an accountability partner or partners is much more valuable or should be added as a tool with the self-checking sometimes self-checking can be the root cause of your loneliness…


For example the person that's a loner that enjoys their own company comfortable in their skin doesn't hang around in crowds doesn't need people around them for validation these people will tell you they're not lonely and the other 50% would say they are lonely so again what is the magic potion connecting us to loneliness I think it might be the same thing for everybody I don't think it's different I think the way we express loneliness clearly is different but the cause of loneliness I believe we have one common root denominator or a few routes plural with an s creating loneliness as the main common denominators with an s Plural I think the first mistake is when people think of loneliness they think of the lack of sexual encounter Or Some one Having No Support… But there Are Many Undertones of Lonely.



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