A New Day

admin_general - Posted on 17 May 2021

By: AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul


A new day

I didn't think that I would ever

Get the opportunity to see this day come ...

well actually a part of me could see it

wished for it and longed for the opportunity

if the stars were aligned .


I pushed it deep down

damn near buried it up underneath my Pulse

I found ways to stay busy

subconsciously there was something that I was missing,

And Very Much Deserving 


A new day,

A new day indeed it is 

I saw this day coming on the flip side

eagerly anticipating operating in my honor righteously

so unbeknownst to me I am to be the receiver

the seeds I have sewn have been watered

the shade has played its part significantly

all the while the soil Appeared Tainted


Not so said the Lord burning up the (her) garden

leaving only Ash,

she is a new creature

old things passed away

with new Mercies new pleasures new love new sacrifice new seeds new water

and miles of shade for brand new Harvesters

For the land is good the mind is whole the body is pure

this makes room for the gift intended

to keep on giving keep on nurturing keep on feeding keep on reaching keep on teaching

Born to Die just to live again ,I see ,I see 


It's A new day a new season new timing

For New Horizons A New Homefulness 

A New Existence,A New Home  A New Life A New Being ...

I was Awaiting I Am Anxious

i can Feel the New New New All Over Me

It's in the Atmosphere, Bitter Sweet 

Leaving Behind An OLD LiFE i Once New


It's a New Day 

Now She Is Open ...

Willing to Be Rescued,

Up On the SHELF 

I am Reminded That I... I ...I ... I ...I am The Beauty of The Bay

And In the Words of Torian Dajour Hughes 

I come So that your Left May Roll to Shift  to The Right ... 

At My Feet They Shall Lay 

Sabotage I Will Not ...

In stead I Will Fall Forward,

I wont Take Any Steps Back as My Breath Leaves My Body

I will Inhale All that is Intended for the Partaken Of myself ...

I choose  me

I chose to Live and NOT Simply Exist

I Have Chosen to Be with out For Far tooo Long

I Choose To Differ To Abundance Of the Spirit

A Great Sacrifice Honorable To the Core Being 

Abundantly, I Humbly Chase Not The Money Fortune or Fame 

YET It Insists I Be A Star Shining Like only An Diamond Can ...

I Can Not Run Or Hide Anymore 


Filthy Lugia Blood-Stained dollars We Wore

Our Relationship Is Ending and I have a New Found Respect for You 

In the Past I Have Feared You And Avoided you

Mocked You And Made Way With Out You ...

All Along God Put You there For My Usage

To build, Climb and Be Happy

Removed  Some People's and Added Some Folks To My Journey

who Was Scripted in My Life Line Tapestry ...



Money, Food ,Love , 

Destiny Will Provide the Outline

The Outcome is Self Love And True Understanding of What Holds Us

You or Me

Back From Moving Forward  in certain parts of our lives ... 

Repetition Can Be the tool to Blame thus Sabotaging  your Journey

Another would be Religion

and Last but not least The Voices Inwardly  and Outwardly...

oh Yeah They Exist

The key is to Find Ways to Move Forward in your New Decision

The power to Make Decisions Puts Us At An Advantage but can Backfire

One Key Factor is Visualization...

Seeing it for Yourself In your minds Eye 


As for Me I Been Warring On the inside

I have Had a protective Bubble For 18 years and, well... 

Now That the Time Has Come

To Be Freed of these Kurses And Shackling of the Mind's Movement

Manifestations Of Greater GOODS

Set Up and Aside for Me And Mine on Earth. 


Thank you Father God For My ....

B4-MeTeam ...

She Is Awakened and Ready To live Life and All that it has To Live

For 38 Been Great 39 And Hello 40 ...

I'm  Ready Hungry and Tired

I say Yes to the Dress ...

It fits Like A Glove

Unique and Set Apart Aside just for Me ...

2020 is My Year

Roll the Wheel


A New Day 

Everything i Need is Already inside of me

It's  in My DNA

All We have to do Is Be Present

As God Gifts Us the Light To See the Road map

You are The Blue Print ...

Thank you Yet Again Father GOD

I live to Be a True living Witness and Testament 

testifying  On Your GOODNESS

With this People's Led Movement of Matters of the Heart 

This is Why it's  All Connected



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