Chronicles of A Grieving yet Breathing Mother, 9/3/20

admin_general - Posted on 19 May 2021

By: AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

Today, much like many other days, started as an ordinary day, only to find another family member has passed away. Today is September 3rd. My sister passed last week, actually, but today my mind and thoughts are with my friend, dear sister.

It seems like this has really been hitting her family. She's been taking the information left and right. Young and old, sick and healthy members of her family have passed away. I have began to wonder why are we leaving Earth so rapidly. It's already the 9th month in the year and, well, Coronavirus seems to be here to stay, at least a few more of the months going into the new year of 2021.

In the year 2018 I received mother of the year award. In the year 2019 Amir and ziair received Oakland's finest award. Now that it's 2020. Well, let's just say we will wait to see the end result of the year.

We do have wonderful projects. We have planted the seeds, watered and thrown some shade. Everybody is beginning to act like everything is normal again. As soon as the numbers went down with the Covid-19 virus, they went back up like a yo-yo.

Some people don't believe the virus is a real situation, and others are petrified, allowing it to dictate their every movement. it's a Bittersweet situation. Nobody really knows what to do. Wash your hands. Cover your mouth. Shield your face. Watch your step. Don't look at anybody too hard or you might catch it. That's the feeling.

This new reality is causing everyone to re-evaluate how they move, think, feel and respond. It brings me to the very thought of Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman, two black powerful men suddenly unexpectedly in this year of 20/20 Clear Vision and New Beginnings Paving their mark on the world forever. I remember my personal documentary being relevant around the same time as these black men leveled up. I too leveled the signs of the times. I have arrived. The notion of ridding of money I've been talked about, but it's becoming a reality.

The chips have been put into the animals and the people, and there's something going on in the atmosphere. Some people say count the stars, look to the Sun and Moon. Astrology is our next best friend to help us shift through these uncertain times. Religion, Salvation, Spirituality, Stones, Rocks, Crystals, Herbs, Sage, Centering and Meditation. These are the remedies, antidotes and cure for all that we face. However, the teacher will show up when the student is ready for the lesson.

This isn't the first pandemic and it won't be the last. This isn't the first situation in government where the state has put citizens In Harm's Way. It's in the books. It's said in history. It's Center woven into our tapestry. All we have to do is be willing to receive and present for the answers. They will come. They are already here. All that you need is already inside of you. You just have to believe and then receive.

I am AudreyCandyCorn a Greiving Yet breathing mother, and these are my Chronicles. 


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