Landless/houseless, Indigenous Black, Brown and Disabled Youth & Family Poverty Skolaz Lead a Tour thru NorthWest Occupied Turtle Island

admin_general - Posted on 29 May 2021

Poor/houseless/indigenous youth, families, and elders share models of  landless peoples' self-determination, Po'Lice-free land liberation, revolutionary media, and art.

What: Poor/houseless/indigenous peoples "tour" so-called NorthWest Turtle Island with medicine/solutions of Homefulness, media, poetry, workshops, books, and "How to Not Call Po'Lice Ever"/"Poverty Scholarship" readings

When: June 4th-13th 

Where: Occupied Pomo, Yurok, Squaxin Island, Nisqually, Chehalis land aka  So-called Ft Bragg, Klamath River, Washington and more 


"When they take our land, our tents and our belongings, we have nowhere to go,... " 

-Israel M formerly houseless, indigenous co-builder of Homefulness, 

"As colonial cities and towns "open Back Up" we indigenous, houseless and poor folks know that means, increased sweeps of houseless bodies, increased evictions of poor families and elders, increased desecration of indigenous peoples lands and sacred sites increased poverty and poLice Terror of Black and Brown and working class people."  

-Tiny, formerly houseless co-founder of POOR Magazine

POOR Magazine is a poor and indigenous people-led art, culture, and liberation movement. Our multi-generational, multi-cultural houseless/indigneous people-led movement will be going on the road to connect the dots between our shared oppressions and struggles, share the urgent medicine of how to build self-determined land movements, take back land, and our own knowledge systems and cultures right here in occupied Turtle Island.

We will be going to so-called  Fort Bragg, aka Occupied Pomo Territory,  Occupied Yurok Territory  and finally occupied and stolen Squaxin territory. In all of these occupied lands we will be connecting the dots between eviction, colonization, desecration, poLice terror, Devil-oper Land grabs/speculation, gentriFUKation, Homelessness and Removal of Black, Brown, indigenous, disabled and poor people. 

As land liberators from all four corners of mama earth, we will be offering readings and workshops from our newest books How to Not Call Po'Lice Ever and Poverty Scholarship: Poor People-Led Theory, Art, Words, and Tears Across Mama Earth, as well as leading  Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour through these colonized towns , colonial landmarks ( KlanMarks, as Tiny from POOR Magazine calls them),  wealth-hoarding neighborhoods, museums of Anthro-Wrongology, and Academia to share the urgent medicine of Radical Redistribution and ComeUnity Reparations. 

Finally, we will be meeting/sharing and teaching with poor and houseless peoples in encampments the POOR Magazine/PoorNewsNetwork models of poor people--led media production  in each town and area, so they can launch their own media hubs like POOR Magazine's street-based media projects.

We are inviting all organizations to co-sponsor, host us for a book reading, performance, or workshop, or walk with us in the Stolen Land Tour. Below are links of Stolen Land Tours we have done before and information about our books and work.


Links to some of our Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tours

Stolen Land/Hoarded Resurces Tour thru Akkkadeia- May 2021


Links to books:

How to Not Call Po'Lice Ever 

Poverty Scholarship: Poor People-Led Theory, Art, Words, and Tears Across Mama Earth

Po' People's Survival Guide thru COVID-19 and the Virus of Poverty 


Children's books:

When Mama and Me Lived Outside

The Hard Worker (Trabajador Fuerte)

Krip Hop Nation Graphic Novel 

Decolonewz - Newspaper led by youth in poverty for everyone ( available in paper form only) 



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