PNN Roofless radio Eugene, OR -- Victoria Cosworth

Tiny - Posted on 23 November 2021


Hi i'm victoria coatsworth, i go by Tori

i've lived in eugene like my whole life, 27 years and

i recently i was living at the campbell

club a while back uh where i met my

current partner who's wonderful

and we started living together and

stuff and we got kicked out there which was terrible 

we tried to sublet our friend's apartment and

unfortunately like they we couldn't do

it so we just moved in anyway without

being on the lease and they

eventually kicked us out and so we

like scrambled to get a van which was

pretty cool and then we been like kind of living on an off

In tents and van and just kind of hanging out, 

doing music and stuff like that and

like trying to get by with that

not having a license which is hard, yeah like i got pulled over last

year and got a 500 ticket for driving with a suspended license so yeah. 

I don't know what information I should share? 


Well like what have you been

experiencing dealing with homelessness

especially right here in the city?


i've experienced the cops, they're

bastards, um and that's like pretty consistently they they impose laws that are like

subtle sneaky ways of messing

with people.  Like i literally got 

i got sent sentenced to jail for 

for a trespassing ticket

for sleeping next to Sizzle Pie

um so i got a five days in jail because

because i signed away my

rights to a trial because i went to

community court and i'm an idiot and

they're like “oh sign away your rights” so

I'm like “okay.”

And then i didn't follow through with

the prerequisites and stuff. And it's

it's pretty stupid considering that

literally people should just be allowed to have a space. 

Right it should be like if you want to upgrade your space there

should be ways of doing that, but

just like this is a place that less than 500 years ago

none of this industrial bullshit was here and now

we put factories over people's

existence and it's weird. 

It's all that money, that wealth Hoarding.  

I think the industrial revolution messed up

america really intensely, because it's

like so much over-manufacturing, so much just

like forgetting about people and their their rights and their needs,

because we put people in factories which is awful most

of the time, not always anymore but

like in the 1800s 1900s there were so

many problems that came along with that. 

Anyway i mostly just try to avoid the police at this

point which has been doable with a van.

I appreciate the services that exist here

but it seems that the services are

trying to give more work and

jobs instead of instead of solving the

problem, because if they solve the

problem then they won't have work for

people to do. 


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