PNN RoofLESS Radio: Eugene Encampment Stories -- Hailey

Tiny - Posted on 23 November 2021


So what's your name? Haley 


How long have you been in this general area, in this encampment?

Well I've been in the park for like nine months. 


So what's your story, what do you want to tell us? 

I mean I've been homeless off and on for like 14 since I was 14. 

So yeah like close to close to like 14 years now. 

i traveled a lot actually and i got out

of eugene because it's really cold

and then i came back here because my grandma

passed away and then I ended up relapsing and back here. 


So that's basically it. 


What would you want to tell someone in your similar position in life?

Starting with the addicts that are sober-- i was sober for four years-- and dude i threw that away in one day and all those four years are gone now. 

And I'm struggling really hard right now and it's not worth it. And to all the people

that are just in general are going to be homeless: do whatever you can to avoid that

situation at least in this town. 

In the rest of america people act like

eugene and oregon, like they they care, people do care, but the resources are not given to us,

and that's why this park is full of people. 

You know you spend a lot of hard winters out here and i feel

like everybody's always talking about government money but it's never

given to us to help us. 

So yes, do whatever you can to avoid

that, even if you have to like sleep in

someone's shed, dude, do that. Because

another thing too is you can't get un-homeless, unless you have somebody

in a house that will help you for

free basically. Because we we can't charge our phones to get a job, we can't

do any of that stuff, so yeah, try to avoid it definitely. 


Thank you so much. 

You're welcome. 



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