PNN : Roofless Radio Eugene, OR -- Matthew

Tiny - Posted on 23 November 2021


What's your name? Matthew Robinson


And how did you become homeless?

I became homeless when i was 18

and actually it started in california

san diego my hometown

and that's where uh really my my bad drug habit started

and then I moved here to oregon in 96

and i got on the seat i got a job in cottage grove

at the uh taco bell in cottage grove when it first opened

so i was like there for the mock opening and all that

and then i just decided to uh go out and venture

out on my own, get my own place

of course that didn't work -- out my

landlord kicked me out after i think it

was six months

and then i moved here to eugene and 

i didn't really know anything you know here in eugene too much

somebody told me that you know mentioned

the eugene mission so i went to the

eugene mission 

they actually helped me out quite a bit

when it first was you know

i mean yes they did force  religion on you and you know all that

kind of stuff but i mean that place has

changed big time

Some for the good some for bad 

it's like a mix type thing

but uh they really do you know help you

out if you need it if you need anything

you can go to a warehouse get clothes

you know all that kind of stuff 

i really appreciate everything the mission does

you know because they'll come down here and have

like clothes and shoes and little giveaway socks

you know toothbrushes you know

everything you know

and then uh

i went to i moved to el paso in 2007

and then went to springfield missouri in 2013

and then came back here in 2018

and just picked up pretty much where i

left off being homeless 

it was a little bit of a hard transition to get a job

stuff like that get some money rolling in 

but as soon as i got it rolling i mean i love where i work

happy hour is freaking awesome

um i'm the pizza guy

you know so if anybody wants a pizza you

know come on down you know i'll hook it up

It's on a river road. 

Other than that i'm just trying to survive 

I just hope everything you know works out and

I can get housing or something like that. 

i don't know exactly where i'm gonna go

if they get everybody going by wednesday. 

i haven't seen anything on the news or

anything like that about it but that's the rumor. 

So that's pretty much all I got to say. 


thank you for telling your story 

You’re very welcome


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