PNN RoofLESS Radio: Eugene Encampment Stories -- Philip

Tiny - Posted on 30 November 2021


hey so what's your name? 

my name's phillip 


all right so how long have you

been living in this area? 

june 26 is when i lost my job.

my journey to homelessness

started probably when i was in my early youth

i think it was a junior in high school

my parents were alcohol drug addicts and

i wanted to stay in eugene so i could

finish high school

and i've been homeless off and on, you know i'm 41 years old now. 

I've always worked. i work in the woods, i'm a logger. 

it's a tough industry toto work in

you're always getting laid off or

something and so i would uh

go to alaska

during the summer time when the fire

season's here and work up there in a

logging camp

and i have a big hopes of saving money

coming back in here investing it but

that that never happened for me you know

i struggle with alcoholism pretty heavy

and depression. 

but this is the first real time

like i've been real real homeless, like

i've always had a couch to crash on or

friends or family

or automobile,s but i i don't have my

driver's license anymore. 

i've not necessarily burnt all my bridges

but i just i'm tired of asking people for help

you know after they've helped you countless times. 

i struggle with addiction still. 

this last time that i became homeless i was

working in alaska and a co-worker of

mine got killed right in front of me and

it triggered a relapse and i came back and i just could never get into a place. 

covid hit. 

and you know this is it right here

And i take blame for it 

it's my responsibility

but it's really hard to get in a place especially when you've

got a felony when you're young

because you're coerced into a plea bargain which you never should have took

i just believe it's all a scam

you know i'm not a conspiracy theorist

anything because the this shit i've know is true, so it's not a conspiracy, i've lived it, 

my civil rights have been violated multiple times. 

i saw this thing, there was this guy in a business suit

and another guy that was a bum

and the question goes: what happened to

you? my father was an alcoholic. 

and that resonates because that's my little

brother, the successful one,

and i'm the one that's the alcoholic.

it's tough to see everybody out here. 

i didn't think i was gonna get all

emotional but man it's really lonely out here. 

there's people that truly truly need help, i'm still in pretty good

shape, i have my wits about me, but 

you know that could end at any minute.


thanks man. 

thank you guys so much. 


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