PNN: RoofLessRadio Bellingham, Wa #3

Tiny - Posted on 30 November 2021


Spaceships and stuff like that, and heard

and saw all these cartoon images and stuff

and i told them these people are just

co-occurring and they thought you know

the kid does the drugs and stuff but

then that's the way it went down so

thankfully with the

housing and stuff like that they put me

on disability and so my pay was only $636

a month. and then i get into housing and

they help me out so i'm 48 now and it

happened 13 years and one month ago.

And plus i did classe,s i earned some

stuff, and co-occurring went

through all the pills, the books, and

stuff with all the psychologists and

doctors, and stuff like that. 

got all the way through it and until

right now it's still basically that for

me they with the housing and everything

stick with it the the thing i

guarantee the most is to give you health

they give you the food stamps and you

have a place to live forever and those

are the three main super things

ingredients that everybody else has

worked with and social security

administration for people who

advocate or whatever and people like

you all and stuff like that you know you

really tried. 

so i definitely should like this so this

kind of stuff is really important for

everybody because this thing right

here as long as you're in your own thing

you're not tripping out or going into

something it's really helpful and so

if you stay alive you get the money i

got to pay you to have me for a pay for

a long time now so i keep my payee

because just in case of cyber hacking

and flaw all that weird is really

just happening and all the filthy stuff

that you find here


yeah so one of these we're up here, we’re all houseless and formerly houseless, 

we're trying to build and get some liberated land so we could build our own. How does that sound to you?  

i get my 790s and i would donate my money to you.  it should be easy if it's just like

you build a wood home or

something you know something by hand

crank and gears, and stuff like that

but the housing part for me being homeless ended up being

my neglect not porting with

housing and stuff like that all my

housing money rent everything has all

been perfect for like the last 12-15

years with my payee and stuff since

i've been on it and stuff other than

that i was living with family in an

house or something like that an

apartment right and doing everything um

excuse me electronic world came in and


everybody's growing and everything so 

but that's it 

always make sure you do reporting you

know don't let no friends at your place

and stuff like that all these kids just

figure in the regular world if you're

working and stuff you got 

you got the guaranteed bank so it’ll help

you, you're going to get $370,000 you give

them $110 or something like that get your

place you can't guarantee in 30 whole years you know of perfect health

and stuff like that and you already see

him with the covid man people got the

money boom you're on the streets like

two more million, all these people dying

over freaking money, it's crazy dude.  


You could be one of the co-leaders

to make homefulness happen. We’ll be in contact. 

All right. 



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