PNN: RoofLessRadio Bellingham,Wa #2

Tiny - Posted on 30 November 2021


hi my name is david 

it's kind of cool you guys came by doing

interviews and stuff 

Getting the word out about what it’s like being homeless in Bellingham.

This last time i became homeless

well i was almost 10 years ago

I got some day labor work and i was able to get

back on track, worked in several places 

and then i got homeless again 

which is always tough but

i felt like i was more prepared this time.  

through god's eyes i knew what kind

of things i should do right away. and i

was like help out people because 

when god sees you helping out other

people that cannot help themselves,

he helps you out in different ways and

he’s just paying attention

for this stuff. 

so i made an effort this last time. 

it was three years ago when i became homeless this time.

every day i make sure i help

out someone that definitely needed help,

that definitely looked weak, couldn't help themselves. 

so i was paying attention to these type of people

and for three days in a row I was hanging out with these people. 

i know i can always get a job 

i know how to work 

i've worked my whole life 

i chose to stop working


Do you deal with sweeps? Do the cops mess with you at all? 

i never set up camp 

i never set up a camp anymore 


So you just keep moving ish?

it's good to keep moving in

bellingham because there's straight killers out there 

people who prey on people that

do set up camps. 

so unless you know you got a solid foundation to set up a

camp in a trusted area

i would never recommend setting up a

camp anywhere around town. 

unless you're ready to get looted or whatever 

i always carry my valuables with me.

but still then they target you instead of your stuff, your tent area. 


and they take your stuff too if they

seize it right? 

we're doing the tarp setup like i did over here 

The first time i ever did an overhead tarp

it was a great learning experience for

me and i think it would be great help for

some people. 

i can help out people by doing that

just running the trees or



and if you if you had access

like we were talking to autumn if you

had access to

some liberated land, would you be

interested in trying to build some

housing for yourself and other houseless



i already know how to view build

beautiful homes that shouldn't cost no

money to anybody.  


so yeah that would be immediately


yeah i already got all the supplies, i know where all the

supplies are. i know this town very well. i know where all the

supplies are

they've been waiting for us for a long

time such as pallets and stuff 

they wouldn't technically be pallet homes, it'd be

the wood from the pallets because

i'd be beating the crap out of

these because the pallets

you never know what you're going to get

with them, so some will be very dry and

cracked, some of them can be very green still.

so i'd have to personally go through

each one and try to dismantle it the best i

could and keep all the boards that would

not break apart and i would use those

for the homes 


do you know any plumbing? electrical? 

i take shits in a barrel and i burn it 


okay sounds like a plan. Any last words?

go bamboo, king of the swamp. 


okay thank you so much. 


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