PNN: RoofLessRadio Bellingham,Wa #5

Tiny - Posted on 30 November 2021


what's your name?


i'm 55 years old

a little bit wet really but it's washington


how did you -- only if

you want to say -- how did you

originally become houseless?

oh i got a horse.

oh by the way that's was in san diego, you guys are from

oakland? my wife's turned me out

when that was a homeless killer out there

it wasn't funny or anything 

anyways here or there

slowly just got used to being outside 


do you you deal with -- back in Oakland we

deal with a lot of police arresting us

or doing these sweeps 

did you deal with that up here?

do they come up and make you move?


yeah they come and make you move

just try to be ready to go

that's a revolutionary minute man




so we're building this thing called

homefulness which we say the homeless

people solution to homelessness and we got

some land and we're building our own

houses. how does that sound, is that

something you would be interested up


definitely yeah


if you had a vision would you be willing

or interested in building your own

home or your own space? 

yeah i really would do building, and I’m able to. I’ve built things. 

people in washington here

i'm from originally from alaska but

people in washington they like to build things. 

If you have spot where you can build your home

and stuff

i definitely put some pride into

whatever program kind of thing that you guys

have mentioned here sounds like a good



right on, so i hope to that you could be

one of the leaders to make it happen because it's just really all of

us poor people coming together truthfully. 


that's a hard thing to do but it's very



exactly it is hard and it is possible. 


you're so right. 


any last words that you'd like to say?

yeah i'm grateful that people like you

coming up with solutions too. 

instead of being in this parking lot. 


that's part that part. 

thank you so much frankie.  

you're welcome. 


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