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Escuela de la gente/PeopleSkooL

Educación para todos los pueblos fuera de la Institución

Education for all peoples outside the Institution


Get your Book or CD Published! - Become a Voice for Change in your Community! Learn Radio, Video, On-line Journalism & Publishing- Create a column, Blog, Radio Segment or TV Broadcast! Program includes Journalism, Radio,Blogging, Writing, Poetry, Book Publishing, PeoplesHistory and Herstory, Organizing and Much More!

Sliding Scale tuition - Classes taught in English and Spanish! - Full and partial scholarships provided for low and no-income youth, adults and elders! Healthy meals and on-site child education provided!  (En español)

To register call: 415-863-6306 or email

La Reforma Migratoria es solo un Cuento / The Immigration Reform is only a Story

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La Reforma Migratoria es solo un Cuento

Desde hace mucho tiempo suena en mis oidos la reforma migratoria el cual es un sonido que me tortura. El año pasado dijeron en las noticias que iba suceder una reforma migratoria para mas de 11 millones de idocumentados. Haci fueron pasando los dias los meses hasta que termino el año. Yo se que Barack Obama no es quien decida, pero si el presionara al congreso, estoy segura que se logrria una reforma migratoria.

I Am


”Notice of eviction: 30 days to vacate premises”, a neon yellow piece of paper pinned to the front door broadcasted down the block. In that moment, standing outside on the cold pavement street looking in, I realized this could soon be home.


This must be a mistake, I rationalize to myself, it’s probably just a mix up; maybe if I circle the block it will be gone when I get back. My fingers are already dialing before my brain can grasp the situation.


Una invasion silenciosa / A silent invasion

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El problema de la vivienda


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