Poverty Hero Project

Poverty HerosLiterary and Visual Art honoring a new literary Hero - The Poverty Hero.

The Poverty Hero Project was a literary and visual art project launched in 2001 by artists at POOR Magazine in collaboration with Community Defense Inc. The three lead artists; Lisa Gray-Garcia, Leroy Moore and Dee Gray facilitated a series of 10 eight week workshops on the creation of this new form of literary hero.

These workshops culminated in a 55 page full color anthology published by POOR Press and a series of 12 radio narratives broadcast on PNN's KPFA radio show.

To get a copy of the book or CD of the radio shows please contact: POOR Press (415) 863-6306

The Poverty Heroes Project continues by honoring the lives of youth, adults and elders who have struggled, resisted, lived through poverty, racism, disability, criminalization and violence locally and globally.

Farewell to the King

"The Thrill is gone baby,the thrill is gone...”'-B.B. King


On May 14, 2015 we lost the king of the blues, B.B. King.

The Houseless Folks

“They are 10,000 houseless folks in San Francisco and 30,000 vacant homes in San Francisco”

Uncle Bruce aka Bad news Bruce


Inspire by Felicia


The Houseless are always told what to do, and what Not to do

Where to sleep and where not to sleep

What time they need to go sleep and what time they need to get up

Where to eat, and what to eat

A Memoir of Grandma and Uncle Raymondloyd

Ms. Carolyn Smith, my grandma, was a community activist and played many roles and wore many hats, but I am just going to talk about the ones she bragged about the most.    

Jazzie - Poverty Hero

for jazzie
by tommi avicolli mecca
© 2013

Valerie Schwartz, Poverty Hero

(There will be a memorial service next Tuesday, August 13th at 2 pm at Richardson House at 365 Fulton, SF to honor Valerie Schwartz. Please join us in honoring this Poverty Hero, Valerie Schwartz, and her life.)



Poverty Hero Jazzie Collins: Rest in Peace and in Power! We love you!

“Sweet Tea”
(For Jazzie upon receiving the LGBT person of the year award at the State Capitol)

She was shuffled
Back and forth,
Shaking hands and
Wading through a
Passel of dignitaries
At the state capitol

She had woken early
As flowers
The bird fluttering

Jane "in Vain" Winkelman- Poverty Hero

An Ode To Jane “in Vain” Winkelman- a revolutionary artist and Poverty Hero


Rest in Power Compa- A tribute to Eric Quezada

I stand alone en las calles en la mision seeing places where you should be standing and remembering verdad y palabraz you said- words and chants you spoke, protests you marched in -remembering your humble revolution

Death of a Poverty Hero- Mikey Chapman

Born to rough Texas parents with a disciplinary attitude, Mikey left Texas under mutual agreement between himself and the state. He worked as a roustabout, and on one occasion he taped his own broken ribs with duct tape after falling off a ride he was setting up.


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