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6th Annual Mercado de Cambio/ Tha Po' Sto' Holiday Art Market

Sat, 12/10/2016 - 3:00pm - 7:00pm

the 6th Annual Mercado de Cambio/Tha Po Sto- Holiday Art Market & Knowledge XChange -

Vote or Shut Up- a Po' Black Man's Voter's Guide

(Image of Ruyata Akio McGlothlin and Joseph Bolden(seated) at the Poor Peoples District 5 Candidate forum sponsored by POOR Magazine and the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper)


Grogg n' Eggnog's Elite Past

Grogg n’ Eggnog’s Elite Past

Before I leave for part unknown (or hold up in my cave of convenience) I want to learn about that “white with brown spots when we make to light or deep yellow when sold in stores. I’m talking about that traditional holiday liquid Eggnog.

I don’t much about its origins except the stuff grows on you and has evolved over time and for many of us the taste of it varies.

Two Cities, Life Renewal

Hello People's its Joe, between looking at (for me) Manhattan Beach past to present forums on the real Life Extension  to eventual Emotalism if not total Immortality. Hey, I'll take Medical Immortality (that's biological freedom from aging and disease with death still in the mix.

The Emortal/Immortal Choice or Conflict.

I've read most of Author Brian Stableford's Emortality I'd like the bio of Mortimer Gray.(Fountains of Youth) Imagine being born in a world with applied nanotechnology, almost living clothing and molecular machinery in you after complicated bio-trenched process that creates a new species evolutionarily different from parents. The parents though long lived to 2 to 300+ years.

They know they are the last mortals raising the first true emortals while they are the last mortals to die. No wonder cryobiology seems a safe though end-of-life-chance-to-return-option.

Sea Change and Challenges

Hello all, its's Joe. I haven't written anything in more than a month. Since the rapture has not happened I thought that writing a few words from me was way overdue.

PNN "Reality" TV Show Pt. 3/Show de "realidad" TV

All PNN "Reality" TV Shows were created in PeopleSkool's Revolutionary Video & Theatre Class of 2011


The PNN "Reality" TV Shows were created in PeopleSkool's Revolutionary Video & Theatre Class of Winter 2011

Bolden's Beauty Brigade

Folks, I haven't written in months mainly because after leaving Poor Magazine for few weeks before into 2010, returning before 2011. I made lots of friends and was saddened to go back

to San Francisco, but vowed to return. Now it seems I'll be back in Ignacio, Co. in April but slightly later a friend may want. But return I shall and will stay a bit before S.F. calls again.

Quantum Weirdness

It has been a really long time since I've written anything.
YouTube has images of me and have been traveling a bit so everything is a little fluxy.

Ok no such word. But I'm back but will on the road again (sounds like a song) headed for Ignacio,Co.
for a bit for a sacred ceremony.

Now to explain Quantum Weirdness.This is true account as I see it.
Last week, after taking the lift to my floor, unlocking, re-lock- ing my door I casually throw my cell phone and charger on the bed.


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