Mercado de Cambio/the Po Sto'-Holiday Community Art Market, Party and Scholaz Exchange

When/Cuando:12:00pm - 9:00pm Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where/Donde: POOR Magazine 2940 16th st #301 SF ca 94103 1 blk below 18th st BART

Presented by the PeopleSkool! at POOR Magazine.

Decepticons: To Punish and Enslave

A Race and Class analysis and Pop Culture review of Transformers- the Movie

Precious- A Soliloquy for Survivors

A Womynist Movie for all tortured women

Jamaica's mighty poet Mutabaruka

Mutubaruka is comen' to a town near you to share skolarship on poverty, racism and peace

Mid-Market Art History

The opening of the Mid-Market art exhibit which shows the history of devastating gentrification efforts on Market street.

Resistance in Film Series

POOR Magazine's Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute presents: Resistance in Film Series

“Gaijin kusai yo ne!”(foreigners smell)

PNN reviews “Raptivism” at the Oakland Museum

a narrative essay


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