Global Poverty and Resistance

The War on the Poor from San Francisco to South Africa has a new foe!

The poor people of South Africa rise up and resist the Amerikkkan Style Slums Act

Poor countries have little left

David Duncombe is Fasting For Debt Relief

Formal Education Scam

POOR Magazine Stands in Solidarity with Student Protestors While Condemning the Overt Move to Rich People Only Formal Institutions of Learning

Fashion Victims

45 workers were killed last week in Narsingdi, Bangladesh in the latest catstrophe involving a garment factory

Who Gets Heard in New Zealand?

The Scholarship of Poverty Series

Practicing Thrival in the face of Global Climate Change

POOR Magazine explores the impact of Global Climate change and Global criminalization on poor communities of color and launches an International Symposia on Indigenous Thrival, Global Climate Change and Criminalization for 2010

The power to change the world

Hundreds of folks march against corporate-driven displacement, poisoning,criminalization and destruction of poor communities of color across the globe on the third anniverary of Hurricane Katrina

Don't You Dare Become Houseless in Fresno

Fresno’s Fascist 10-year plan for poor people


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