The Last Raza in the Mission

Community leader and housing activist, Jose Morales, faces unfair eviction under the Ellis Act.

Low-Income Housing is Not Their Obligation

The hearing of an 8 story proposed parking garage in the heart of the Tenderloin by the Hastings Law school
erupts into a major act of resistance. Chris Daly and many more are arrested

One Year Rent Free…!

Grace Wells (Poverty Hero) Settles with Landlord


A Play by Local Anti-Poverty Activist Reveals Truth Beneath Dallas Famed "Bridge Protests" of 1994

The Mayors Back Door

Lennar's toxic condo plans

No Public Housing Evictions!

Superior Court Blocks Public Housing Evictions

Dot-Colonization 2:

Hundreds of San Francisco residents rally against gentrification at the Planning Commission

The Dot-Con Game

Lately, the Mission (and a lot of other neighborhoods) are succumbing


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