Project 20 or more poverty

The Mayor doesn't "like" Project 20 anymore, which means the people have to fight to keep it alive

Harry Jones and the H.O.M.E.T.E.A.M. (Part Two)

The second part of the story of a very poor San Franciscan who died on the streets after being subjected to abuse in the shelters and harassment by a new branch of the San Francisco Police Department.

A Mama's Love..

Lula Bell Seymour aka Mama, an African-American houseless elder passes away in the Tenderloin - loved by all who she touched

Shelter Beat #4

A PNN insider journey through San Francisco's shelters, social service agencies, and government bureaucracies.

Quality Of Life? or Quantity Of Strife?

If you are, like me, one of the 12,000 homeless people in San Francisco you may not want to read this article. It will make you angry, at best.

Operation Outreach

SF Pays No Heed to Fresno Class Action Lawsuit

Caroline Jack Rescues Cats

But Who Will Care For Caroline Jack?

A Dream Denied; Criminalization of Homelessness in US Cities

The 2005 National Report on the criminalization of homelessness and list of the 20 "meanest" cities

WRAP: Ending Homelessness

A New National project is launched to create innovative ways to end Homelessness in Amerikka


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