Indigenous Resistance

UC berkeley 32nd Annual Spring powwow

Sat, 05/05/2012 - 10:00am - 7:00pm

West Cresent Lawn
Oxford and Center
On the Cal Campus
Berkeley, CA 94704

Celebracion de los trabajadores internacionales en CalifasAzlan/Celebrating Intl Workers Day in CalifasAztlan

I am the 000.25- the smallest number you can think of in your mind, I didn't even make it to the 99 ....I am the mamaz, daddys and babies living in their cars, criminalized day laborers living in SRO's shelters, jails cells and houses made of card-board....excerpt from I am the 000.25 by tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia

Roblesque (To Al Robles with Love)






            ¡Silencio!  Al Robles is missing

It’s way too quiet around here these days & we miss him

This one of a kind poetic daredevil

Al Robles

This Carabao has gone home to the village

Come to me, my melancholy baby

Baguio Ifugao winds that blew away

YOUR POETRY breathing words


PNN-TV: Richmond (CalifasAztlan) Represents n Resists!

PNN-TV had the blessing of being a small part of this powerful day of health, resistance, healing and medicine in the city of Richmond, CalifasAztlan.

The Salmon are coming Home...

Indigenous Peoples Media Project of POOR Magazine visited Elder James Neptune on Indian Island. He talked about the reclaiming of their indigenous waters and how the salmon will be returning back...

The White Sand Beaches of Market Street

 (Author's note: The Filipino word Manong is a term of respect reserved for an elder)










White Sand Beaches of Market Street

By Tony Robles


A manong I’d met a


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